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Went on a cruise with some buddies of mine down some backroads and as I’m getting back on the highway I see my buddy trying to line up with me. Since I got my car he’s been telling me that he’d take me in a race, fast forward a year into me owning my car I finally decided to give it a go,

he pulls up next to me, we both downshift, he honks it off and we go, as soon as I pressed the gas I realized I should been in 3rd instead of 4th but anyway, we were dead even side by side through 4th gear (for me) and then when I put it into 5th I started to pull away,

our exit is coming up and he wanted to get one more run, this time a 60 roll (kph) (I chose the right gear this time lol) I was sitting in 2nd gear at about 4000rpm and he honks us off again, this time i started pulling on him immediately, once I got into 3rd I was gone I had pulled about 2 cars on him by the time I got to 3rd and just kept on pulling.

got to the light after and we were both laughing and I finally got to show him what the av6 is all about,

mods list for both cars:

mk5 golf gti dsg:

Full exhaust (catless)
Stage 2
18” mags

Av6 6MT :

PNP Intake runners
Rv6 pcd
Atlp j pipe
2.5” straight pipe to two magnaflow straight through mufflers
Egr delete
Larger rad
Hybrid racing short shifter
17” mags
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