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MSRP U.S. $: $374.95 each
Power Handling, Peak: 1600 Watts
Power Handling, RMS: 400 Watts
Sensitivity: 87dB
Frequency Response (±3dB): 25Hz - 400Hz
Mounting Depth: 6-1/2"
Impedance: 4 Ohms

Variable Q (patent pending)- Kappa Perfect VQ Series subwoofers provide a patent-pending approach to adjusting Q. Kappa Perfect VQ woofers allow motor strength to be be varied using supplied polepiece inserts. Q adjustments allow the woofer to be optimized for a particular enclosure or application and provide the user with exceptional performance for several applications in a single enclosure.
Magnesium Metal Matrix (M3D) woofer cones - This material is 20 times deader that aluminum, delivering superior stiffness and damping as compared to traditional cone materials.
Vented polepices - These provide additional cooling to the motor structure. The subwoofer''s thermal capabilities are augmented, thus increasing power handling.
Spider-integrated tinsel leads - These enhance reliability and eliminate audible tinsel lead slap.
Proprietary die-cast frame - This frame offers amplie rigidity to support the motor structure, and its vented architecture provides greater movement of air behind the cone and spider for maximum cooling.
Nitrile-butylene-rubber one-piece surround and gasket - This material provides an optimum blend of elasticity and internal damping. The large roll offers good long-throw linearity with the proper amount of control and stability at excursion limits.

$200 shipped OBO
[email protected]
located in houston, tx
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