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Hey guys,

Recently I bought 2 12" RE SX and I didn't realize the potential of just one of these things. One is enough to make me go deaf so I decided to sell the other one. The condition of the sub is literally 9.5/10. The surround feels brand new and it hits as hard as the day it was made. It has approximately 20 mins. of playtime due to the fact that I can't bear 2 of these hard hitting subs in my car. [Eek!]

The sub is dual 2 ohm, rated at 1000Wrms/2000Wpeak. I will have pics up very soon, just hassle me enough and I'll get them to you.

Right now, I'm taking reasonable offers from everyone and highest offer takes it. I'm in no rush to sell the sub since I might have local friends that might be interested. You can either PM me with a price (not preferable), IM me at guapodude9 with a price, or call me at 614-668-7326 with a price.

This sub is guaranteed to NOT be DOA. As far as references, my Ebay ID is guapodude9, but I've only been a buyer. I recently just bought a DEI 1100D from OgreDave on here, a Nine.4 from Excelerator, wiring from FritoExtreme, EF-61CFi/24 from DjDilliodon, and the list goes on. They will let you know that I'm an honest person who won't rip anyone off for a single sub.

If there's any other information that I forgot to mention, please let me know.

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