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I have 2 snap on scanners for sale. My dad works as a repo man @ storage units and found these in one. they dont have any cords with them but do have the chargers and both work. I took them to my mechanic who has the same one but paid $7000 for just one $3500 for the other, everything works on these. poor bastard who didnt pay his storage unit fees.

Im open to any offers I know what they are worht but I dont really have anything in them so make me an offer

1. SNAP ON MODIS eems300, Retails $8000 or more
2. SNAP ON GRAPHING SCANNER MTG2500 retails for 3500

look on ebay if want comparison or price check. 1 of the mtg2500 is 4 1500 and Ill get rid of it for 400 or trade for 01 accord v6 parts
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