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2001 Accord EX V6 Silver Sedan feeler thread, LI NY

Hey guys,

So I got my start working on my car reading up on, but recently this freak hurricane on LI hydrolocked my beloved sedan. my parents think I should sell it, and I would hate to, but they said they'd help me out with a new car which is all too tempting. The chassis has about 82,000 miles on it but the engine is now dead, and I would be willing to sell it with the dead engine (perfect for a cl-s swap!) or look for a used engine, I've seen a couple j30's with about 40,000 on them. my mod list isn't huge but i'm still proud of it, here's what it's got:

AEM v2 Intake
Koni Yellows
H&R Sport Springs (1.5"F, 1.25"R)
Apexi WS2 Dual Exhaust
20% Tint all around (looks great)
TYC Projectors
Cleared Taillights
OEM Spoiler
Alpine Deck (Bought new for 250)
17' Enkei EVO6 Rims (slight chip on one wheel)

I also have the stock fat 5 wheels, stock intake, unfortunately I don't have my stock exhaust, but I also have my stock shocks and springs. All these parts have less than 1000 miles on them, since I only got to drive with them for one summer :-/ . . if anyone wants those parts instead they could be picked up with the car. Also my transmission is slipping slightly (also perfect for a swap project!) but I do still have a warranty, so if an engine is provided I can bring it in for a rebuilt transmission from the dealership, who said they would replace it. I'm out on Long Island, but if you're willing to come out it really doesn't matter where you're from. I'm looking for about 11,000 for the car, with all the parts (and the stock parts as well). If there's a higher demand for the parts, I'll part the car out, but I would much rather sell the car as a whole. Thanks for all your guys' helps throughout this past year, and hopefully I'll be back in a couple months (I have my eye on a 7th gen coupe). This is just a feeler thread, I just want to see the interest in the car. I'm up at school right now, but I'll provide pictures around thanksgiving, once I get back home. Let me know what you think, and thanks everyone for feedback.
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