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black 2002 Honda Accord EX V6 coupe

looking for:

Mugen front lip
Mugen/Zero sides
Wings West rear
unorthodox racing or megan racing crank pulley
helix or obx throttle body spacer
denso or ngk iridium spark plugs
comptech or eibach or progress rear sway bar
any brand full coilovers for $500 or less
dc sports or megan racing v6 headers
front camber kit/balljoints
retrofit projectors in oem blackhoused suitable with the ballasts i already own (meaning a D2S conversion kit and D2S bulbs included with the retrofits)
dr. evil transmission
comptech supercharger
j32a2 engine

if anyone has anything on this list or anything similar to what's on this list or anything else for a 98-02 Honda Accord coupe v6, please let me know. private message preferred or respond to this or send me an email at [email protected]. thanks. :) hope to hear from you soon.

oh and for the body parts, it'd be best if they were already painted black, but they do not have to be. thanks.

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i thought you werent gonna get coilovers? i thought you were keeping springs and shocks? but gluck with everything. coilovers ftw

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wow I told you guys to not tell me to get coilovers, but you obviously didn't read correctly. :-\ Springs and shocks do not cost almost as much as coilovers, if they did, I would get coilovers. The cheapest good coilovers I could find were Tein Basics, and those don't even lower the car all that much either or NEX, but I heard those ride really stiff. Let's see, my spring+shock combo would be around $490 maximum, probably around $400 more than likely before installation. That would save me oh about $300 or more. I think I'll go with springs and shocks. The more I get into my car, the more I'll realize wow I made the right decision going with springs and shocks, because I'm not gonna be racing my car or taking it to shows, so there's really no point in getting a full coilover setup. Some are even around $1,000 which is ridiculous for me unless I were actually (a) making money off the car or (b) just really wanted to spend that much. lol

Anyway, could you please just answer the questions I asked, and if you think I should get coilovers, then don't post, cause I've already made up my mind about them, and I won't regret not getting them. I'd regret more getting a crappy ride out of NEXs or getting a good ride but being broke. thanks, mista jc for actually answering the questions I asked though. :)
NEX GT Coilovers = $709.99 + tax <----- Fully adjustable
NEX SS Coilovers = $599.99 + tax
TEIN Basic Coilovers = $712.50 + tax
Megan Street Racing Coilovers = $900.00 + tax <----- Fully adjustable

Koni shocks are probably the best shocks to buy if you want to go that route, springs are up to you...
taken from your old thread. lol

look what i have here...

but its not FS :)

oh yeah, i think someone is selling some WS coilovers...for like $400. they are smooth - you should check em out!
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