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2003 accord 3.0 manual ecu and miscellaneous parts

hey guys I have swapped a tl motor in my accord and have no need for the manual ecu. it is out of 2003 accord v6 manual with navigation.
I am asking $250 shipped.
used 3.0 manual intake manifold with throttle body and map sensor $60 shipped.
cam gears out of 3.0 with bolts and stuff $80 shipped.
timing component with water pump, hydraulic tensioner sensor plastic covers and bolts without the belt. $60 shipped
vtec solonoid with oil filter housing. $50 shipped.
used aem cold air intake with a small hole in the back. $40 shipped.
Egr valve $50 shipped
oil dip stick $10 shipped
harmonic balancer with bolts. $30 shipped
oem coil pack in good condition.$40 shipped
engine passenger side mount holder $30 shipped.
Front stock calipers with brackets. these are bigger than the brakes on autos. $100 shipped.

Paypay is the only method for payment. buyer pays paypal fees.

pictures coming in a few
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