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I have a set of heads off a 2003 Acura CL Type S 6 speed V6 3.2L. The heads were rebuilt and Port 'N Polished by King Motorsports. The heads are in immaculate condition with less than 500 miles on them since rebuild/PnP, origionally had 27k miles. I even had the valvle covers polished so they look like a mirror.
I will include the short block as well but will not gaurantee that the shortblock is good. The motor was compression tested by Garage Kwai in Arlington Heights, IL and they were 195, the leak down test also passed good. But one of the pistons seemed to possibly have kissed (before the heads were rebuilt) thats why I am including the shortblock but will not stand behind it.
The heads I will stand behind no doubt and have the receipts to show all work done (cost me over $800).
I dont have pics right now I will be taking some next week when I go to Garage Kwai and post them up. Just want to see if there is any serious interest.

Price: $700

Location: Milwaukee, WI

email: [email protected]

Payment Methods: Paypal, Money Order, Check, Cash

Shipping costs: (as follows)
1) If you want heads & shortblock----$300
2) If you only want the heads---$150
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