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i realize im a complete noob on this forum. i fellow member from told me to try my sale here due to alot of you guys being 5lug. for reference, on cb7tuner my sn is drlove'skudang, and on hondatech im strodda as well.

now on with the business.

I've been driving on the tires for about 2months. i dont have a specific price set... but if youre interested, pm me with an offer. i will ship, but i prefer a local buyer. im located in san jose, CA. btw, they are 5x114.

and unfortunetly, one wheel kissed a curb... never noticed before cause i never looked. =(

but other than that... they look perfect.

one more for kicks...

i will hear all offers, but only listen to ones above $700 ;)
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