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im posting this for a friend.
My 2006 Honda Accord EX-L V6 6spd Coupe (silver car, black leather interior) was just totaled, so I am selling some of the accessories.

Set of 4 black stock floor mats (the driver side mat has minimal wear, the other 3 mats are near perfect condition): $50 obo

2 black leather rear headrests: $20 obo

2 black stock rear speaker grills: $10 obo

Driver side AVS ventshade
(tinted rain guard that goes on door above window, it is the in-channel kind, not the one that sticks to the outside of the door. I also have the passenger side but its chipped on the side, will throw in for free): $10 obo

I also have a brand new set of the above ventshade
(I bought it to replace the broken one but never got a chance to put it on): $45 obo

Set of 4 stock mudguards (Three are in excellent condition, the right rear one is a little broken from the accident, but it will mount on and you wont know the difference): $40 for set of four, or $30 for the front set obo

Honda Accord EX-L V6 Coupe 6spd Owner's Manual: $10

Cargo net for trunk, in pretty good condition: $25

Honda Genuine front brake pads (brand new set of genuine honda pads for the front wheels, these pads only go onto a 6spd coupe because they have larger front rotors than the auto models) $40 including a free oil filter

USA-Spec car-specific Ipod adapter

(the unit mounts in the glove box or storage bin, and there are wires that plug into the back of the radio and another wire that goes to the ipod wherever you would like it to be. All the wires are plug and play, there is no wire splicing required. You can then control the ipod from the radio or the steering wheel, and it still retains the XM radio. This uses the line out from the ipos, so you get premium sound as if it was a cd. Trust me, I used to be an auto installer for circuit city, and I'm very picky about sound, this is the best on the market if you dont want to change your stock radio. It was only used for 4 months): $100 or $125 installed

Infinity Basslink II 250W 10 inch subwoofer with built in amplifier II&cat=SUB&ser=BSL&Language=ENG&Country=US&Region=USA

(The best low-budget compact solution if you dont want to go crazy with sound equipment. I had it running with 4 gauge wires, and tapped into the sound system via the rear right speaker. This is no simple task to get it sounding right. I purchased a special line out converter from to get the signal just right for the subwoofer to sound great. The basslink also comes with a remote bass control knob to turn the bass up and down. I can install the unit for you as I have all the wiring perfectly cut to install on a honda accord. I can guarantee you'll be impressed with this unit.) : $150 for everything, $200 installed

Motorola IHF-1000 bluetooth car kit, with MSS speaker switch and plug and play wires.

(This unit was my favorite part of the car. In a nutshell, you just get into the car and the bluetooth automatically connects when the car starts, and automatically disconnects when the car is off. If you are listening to music and someone calls, the music mutes and the unit announces who is calling out of the two front speakers. Super clear, even on the highway. when the call is ended, the music comes back on. I purchased all the vehicle-specific harnesses, so it is all plug and play. You can make calls with the push of a button, and the voice recognition is the best i've seen. I can install this item as well, as I just installed it on my car 1 month ago, it is all still in brand new condition. $200 for everything, $240 installed

Please don't hesitate to make me a reasonable offer on any of these items, as I am trying to recoup any money I can from this loss. My car was hit while it was parked and the driver had very little insurance, so I am stuck with no car and a 1000 dollar deductible. These items are for local pickup, although I may consider shipping some of the items if the buyer pays for shipping. Pictures are available upon request.

Thanks for reading.
his email is [email protected] if you got questions. hope its ok with mods to post it for him

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The headrests are a great deal. Never hurts to have a back-up!
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