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Vimal (vee-mall)
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Here she is, month long project is finally finished!
I call it the Infiniti G45 Coupe :D Just use your imagination, imagine a car like the G with the 4.5 32-valve V8 from the M45 at 335hp STOCK, slap on a turbo and you'll be haulin ass in no time!

Use your imagination even more and imagine this being the next generation Nissan Skyline :vampire:

enough talking...


-Infiniti M45 Headlights, Grille (darkend) , and Hood Conversion
-Airbrushed Lip Kit on a 50/50 brush.c/p front bumper
-Cleared lights and blinkers
-80% brushed Fender flares
-Sectioned top and body
-Curved side window line
-Slightly reshaped mirrors with LED turn signal
-Slightly tinted windows, all around
-19-20" Volk SF-Challenge rims (color changed to Gunmetal)(50% brushed rear rim)
-Slightly brushed tires, mainly the rear and front passenger tire
-Wider rear tire
-Chrome accented door handle
-Dark blue paint with black top for sporty look
-Intercooler w/ piping (intercooler is brushed 80%)
-Background Change
-there's probably a few more things i forgot to mention

KnightRyder 2007 Infiniti G45 Coupe:

A lot of this is brushed or copy and pasted, and then brushed over. I even had to rebrush the rear rim's spokes and part of the lip because the quality of the rear rim i found was nowhere near the quality of the front, at least now it's closer.. still not perfect but good enough. I also had to rebrush and chrome the intercooler because the original was a plain unfinished look so i had to make it nicer.

Wallpaper Sizes:

The Red w/ black top and the Black version are not as good quality (paint wise) as the dark blue because i kinda rushed those, especially the Black version, but hopefully they're still good enough. :)

The actual size i have is 3000x1996, but that version stays with me :D

Have to thanks all those people that helped me, wether is was by commenting on one of my many W.I.P.s or by helping me find donor parts, etc.
-CPWerks (PSU)
-felix300zxt (EPC)
-NOM15 (PSU)
-VTEC-V6! (V6P)
-VtecAznRacer (V6P)
-Carcrazyasn (V6P)
and anybody else i forgot, either way, you guys know who you are ;)

and of course, comments are appreciated.

you gotta rub to dub!
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Unbelievable! As always, AWESOME WORK! You should submit it to Infiniti so they can offer you a job on the design team! :)

QUICK!!! someone Beer me!
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very cool :)
has that watercolored/postcard-ish feel to it.

relentless said:
You should submit it to Infiniti so they can offer you a job on the design team! :)

ahh...if it were only that easy :)

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yo, i feel like going out to be this car just to do that headlight conversion and engine swap

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!!! WOW! looks really badass!, way more agressive than a regular g35.. yea, it was fun helping out with it, anytime man.. *ppl, we have a living legend with us* the custom kit and the fender flares go soo well with the car... i think this is your ABSOLUTE BEST CHOP yet...

Vimal (vee-mall)
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i have the 47in. x 27in. version (3000x1996 pixels) if you want to buy that :D ;)

you can take it to kinkos or any print shop and print yourself a poster for your room. you can send it to me and i'll autograph it for you too, LOL :laugh:

i was actually thinking of doing this for my own room, i now have a connection at kinkos so i can get a good discount too probably :)
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