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Hi there! New to the forum so bare with me.
I have a 2008 V6 6MT Coupe Accord (108k miles) which just TODAY started having a weird issue/symptom in the clutch pedal(?).
So without further adue, here's what's going on.
1. When I press the pedal all the way in no issue at. Feels normal, (for the most part) but on release, this is what happens
- releases fine, at the normal rate, then when it reaches the halfway point between depressed and fully released, it sticks for brief moment, and returns to the top. It does this no matter if the vehicle is on or off.

2. There are no strange noises, rough shifts or jerking motions, vibrations in the clutch pedal, fluid level is where it should be and looks clean and clear. Can't find any leaks. No hard starts, still easy to put in gear and shift gears, nothing that is causing alarm except the "halfway" sticky clutch pedal.

Could it be the master/slave cylinder(s)?

I do not want to drive it like this, nor do I think it's a good idea to. Ideas on troubleshooting and what order to go about doing so?
Anything helps. As I said, the issue just started today so I'm looking to get it taken care of ASAP.

- Dimitri
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