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Well, a few of my friends from my main forum came up with the idea of having a meet for spring time before summer hits. I'm sure with the nice weather coming there will be much more activity. This will be a nice meet, greet, drive, and relax type of gig added with the nice modded cars.

We are trying to expand the representation of cars. This will be posted up on multiple forums. Just wanted to send an invite. Everyone is welcome, just don't be a ****!

The cruise portion will be @ Blueridge Parkway. Information can be found here Welcome to the Blue Ridge Parkway

-NO burnouts. It just makes you look ridiculous.
-DON'T reckless drive, street race, cut in and out of traffic. (Let's try to not add attraction from the cops.)
If you are in a caravan try to stay in the group don't race to cut off the leader. We don't need accidents and tickets. Nobody wants to see a member or innocent bystander injured or killed either. If you want to gumball wait until 66.
-JUST relax and have a good time.

Here are the usual meet points we have before rolling out to Blueridge. Each meet spot's purpose is to gather cars, caravan out to the final ralley point, then head out to mountains. We have done this for many years and have proven successful each time. If you don't feel like caravaning just meet at the final point.

Leg 1 White Flint mall-Meet at D&B Top level Parking garage lot(Rockville/N VA.)
1) babyacura22 (Acurazine)Leg Captain
2) District.99 hk (v6)
3) Ichiban (8thcivic)
4) Florida_Boy (8thcivic)
5) cmasterchoe (Acurazine)
6) TWiSDiT (Acurazine) + 3rd Gen TL-S
7) Slvrac08 (Acurazine)
8) aliang01 (Acurazine)
9) jayunsplanet (Acurazine)
10) KhmerSole (Acurazine)
11) Meek32V6 (Acurazine)
12) cbr169 (Acurazine) + NSX
13) xman03 (CRSX)
14) BanginGearz (Acurazine)
15) DanZilla (S2ki)
16) 06k20dc5 (CRSX)
17) s0leheir (Acurazine)
18) TommySalami(AcuraZine)
19) Burton 7218 (S2ki)
20) Madrussian190 (Acurazine) +2
21) leadfootgirl (S2ki)
22) DJBLAST (Acurazine)
23) KevinG (CRSX)

Leg 2 Arundel Mills mall-Meet in the Burlington Coat Factory Parking lot(Balto./PA. area)
1) L's TL (Acurazine) Leg Captain for now unless I cant make the date
2) kancerr (Fitfreak)
3) ITHINKICAN (Fitfreak)
4) daves221 (Acurazine)
5) ACK N UP (Legend)
6) matthar924 (8thcivic)
7) jrb9790 (Acurazine)
8) the-carbon-comet (Acurzine)

Leg 3 10400 Eaton Pl, Fairfax VA 22030 (office building lot)
1) AcUrAge703 (Acurazine)Leg Captain
2) Teobot (v6)
3) Nova_GTS (Acurazine)
4) jiyhun (S2ki)
5) DPak (Acurazine) +1
6) liltonm(Acurazine)
7) Eugenescott23 (CRSX) +1
8) WarioSpeed (CRSX)
9) graybully77 (8thcivic)
10) soleobjective (8thcivic)
11) Dktran31 (Acurazine)

Leg 4 Manassas at 11380 Bulloch Dr, Manassas, VA‎ 20109 (final ralley point)
1) JCharged (Acurazine) +8
2) msjdmlove (8thcivic/v6)
3) 3.56thgen (v6)
4) filorean_4thgen (v6)
5) jdmcb7 (v6)
6) lilaznphatboy (FitFreak) +3
7) Silver_Inspire/Xquisit'sTLp (Acurazine/v6) +2
8) Shalooby (Acurazine) +1
9) Abailey4 (Acurazine)- depending on date
10) Unevakno (Acurazine)
11) melvin2816 (Acurazine)
12) Ryann84425 (EliteCM)
13) Bat3sTL (Acurazine)
14) CJ0920 (Acurazine)
15) ForevaFire (Acurazine)
16) rksokol (Acurazine)
17) Fireguy0826(Acurazine)-depending on date
18) Soyboy26 (Acurazine) +1
19) Madtraction39(Acurazine)
20) andyd (FitFreak)
21) bboygreddy (CRSX)
22) GearJDM/2006hypes (S2ki/CRSX)
23) rSxS (CRSX)
24) Got Leather (CRSX)
25) Gargan (CRSX)
26) Beard8 (CRSX)
27) bigeshorte45 (Acurazine) +1
28) PROPSED2aTL (Acurazine)
29) stockfitgd3 (FitFreak)
30) ballinfizzle89 (Acurazine)
31) ludachrisvt (Acurazine)
32) rooki (Acurazine)
33) julsv6 (v6)
34) telele (v6)
35) NecroFIesh (CRSX)
36) jayremix (CRSX)
37) Dawrenn (CRSX)
38) Max Power (CRSX)
39) SiK Enthusiast (8thcivic)
40) Kidquiescent (8thcivic)
41) Chris22 (Acurazine)
42) Coo1est (Acurazine)
43) ferocia (CRSX) +2
44) Pish180 (Acurazine)
45) nancjs (8thcivic) +2
46) neverdone (CRSX)
47) Sprtstr012 (Acurazine)
48) ACU-RATE (Acurazine)
49) epvzla (ClubEp3) +4
50) V-DC5 (CRSX) +2
51) Si VA PR (8thcivic)
52) SpoolinSpoon (Acurazine) Tentative
53) aznnyteryder (8thcivic)
54) Mugenh22a (8thcivic)
55) BabeblueS04 (CRSX)
56) coolestguy20 (S2ki)
57) 07richarddan (v6)
58) s2kshoes (s2ki)
59) gpwontan (s2ki)

TIME & DATE:SUNDAY, MAY 31ST, 2009. Legs 1-3 meeting 10:00 to depart at 11:00 meeting at the ralley point in Manassas at noon. Leaving there at 1:30 sharp to head to Blueridge. AFTER THE FINAL RALLY POINT WE WILL GATHER EVERYONE AND DISCUSS TRAVELING TO BLUERIDGE. WE WILL HEAD STRAIGHT TO The Inn at Afton - Home Page FROM THERE.

DIRECTIONS HERE:Driving Directions from 11380 Bulloch Dr, Manassas, VA to 185 Afton Cir, Afton, VA

Let everyone catch up, then head out to the parkway for some fun driving. The whole meet will probably end around 6:30 PM.

*Members that are coming from the south could setup a ralley point to meet with the NOVAers.

NOTE: At the final ralley point there will be restaurants & gas stations where you could fill up and dine before heading out to the mountains.

Please let me know if you're interested. Just tell me +1 and the Leg you will meet at and I will add you to the list.

Hoping for a big turnout. Thanks for looking!

2004 Honda Accord EX-V6
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What do you mean by waiting till 66 to gumball? BTW, check your PM concerning a different manner. thanks.

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I'll meet at Leg 1 White Flint Mall, put me on the list. This sounds great. Skyline was on my mind from the first warm day. I'd prefer early May. Whatever the date is it will give me a goal to have my new wheels and tires finally installed by then.

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yeah depends on when you guys decide to do it, ill try and get the IS crew involved...

right now a lot of show dates are getting announced so might wanna lock it down soon.

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Please get whoever you want involved. We are trying to get some input for dates.

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well i can tell you as it stands the schedule we are looking at this year...

March 22 - IS go kart / malibu meet
March 28 - NELOC BBQ in MD
April 3 - F&F4 meet
April 4 - JMU car show
April 25 - Fair Oaks Church car show (iffy)
April 26 - College Park meet
May 9-10 - Carlisle Performance and Style
May 16 - HIN NY
June 6-7 - Ocean City car show
June 14 - MIR
June 20 - Hyperfest @ Summit Point

thats our first half year..

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Okay so sometime in May is the big consensus. On a sunday? 24th? 31st?

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I actually have a few for 17th.

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31st seems to be the date that nobody has had a problem about yet.
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