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Category: Drivetrain
Price: $1
Private or Vendor Listing: Private Listing
Part Fits (you may select multiples): 2G CL, MDX, 2G TL, Other Honda/Acura, Type-S Model
Location (State/Prov): TX
Item Condition: Used

* Location: Houston, TX (Local pickup preferred)
* Contact: [email protected] (for a faster response) or pm
* Some items have shipping price included some dont.
* Not willing to ship out large parts.
* Paypal only and must add 3% or mark as gift.
* Everything has to go to free up some cash so make offers

2003 CL-S Center Console Silver Trim - 50 plus shipping

I only noticed one chip on there.

2001-2003 CL/TL Type-S Guage Cluster - 55 shipped
186,000 Miles

JDM Honda/Acura Fender Lights - 20 shipped
Fits all Hondas/Acuras, need to cut a hole in fender

1999-2003 TL, 2001-2003 CL Sunvisors - 35 shipped
Not in excellent shape, but not saggy either. Have a couple of holes

2001-2003 OEM Acura CL Speakers, 2x 6.5 and 2 6x9 - 50 shipped

One of the 6x9s have the top mesh cover torn but it doesnt affect the sound.

2001-2003 Acura CL, 1999-2003 Acura TL OEM HID Bulbs - 50 shipped.
Work perfectly fine and light up bright

2001-2003 CL/TL A/C Compressor - 120 shipped

2001 - 2003 Acura CL Driver Side Door shell Silver Color- 200

2001 - 2003 Acura CL Trunk Red/Primered - 150

The body man left one of his tools in the trunk and tried to close the lid which caused a high spot in the middle so he repaired it (where you see the primer). When i bought the trunk, the passenger side tail light edge was bent in so he repaired that too (primered) Nothing major, just minor dents.

2g CL/TL Rear Motor Mount - 80 Shipped

Looks to be in excellent condition. Do Not know the exact mileage on it.

2g CL/TL Front Motor Mount - 80 Shipped

I bought this brand new from Honda for about 120-150. has less than 5k miles on it.

01-03 CL Driver Side Quarter Glass - 50, add 35 for shipping

2g CL/TL Rear Calipers (brake lines not included) - 50, 75 shipped

2g CL/TL Rear Calipers w/ brackets (brake lines not included) - 60, 85 shipped

Brake pads included too, but may have to be replaced because of warped rotors

2g CL/TL Front Calipers w/ brackets (brake lines not included) - 90, 125 shipped

Beefy brake pads included, not sure about the brand

2g CL/TL Power steering pump (from a type-s) - 65 shipped

in excellent working shape. you will have to use your old bolt for the pulley.

2g CL/TL Catalytic Converter (not sure about the mileage) - 100 picked up, or 135 shipped.

2g CL/TL Automatic Starter - 75 shipped

Excellent working condition

2g CL Master Window Switch - 30 shipped

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