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I have 3 Autoloc Linear Actuators for sale. These are what I used to lift my turntables and mixer up. I want to sell all three if possible together. I have everything you need for the install. What is not pictures is the black control box that you gets programed so the remote will work. The remote and extra wires for clean hook up are not pictured either.

$425 for the Linear Actuators, control box, remote, wires

4 inch stroke

I also have the autoloc door poppers too for sale $100 for both. you will need a remote and that black control box to work these. If you buy the actuators I will make it a package price of $500 and then you will have everthing you need for the actuators and poppers.

I would like to sell this all of this as a set for $500 because it would be everything you would need to hook it up.

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