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Parting a long time build that is not coming to a finish. Check the build history on IG @ honda_dsx

I was in the 3G game a long time and then started a RWD mid engine del sol build. Drive train was from my TL and other parts have come on through out the build.

2005 Honda Accord Manual trans with 2005 Acura TL LSD - 65k miles - $1300

Built J32a3 to j36 stroker: 65k miles - $2900
Running same motor as endless rpm TL. 301 whp

Custom plenum manifold. Fitted for motor on a RWD build. $1100

New- (2) pair Sparco harness - black - 04604BMNR $250

New - Tru hart TH-H209 camber kit - $280

2G valve covers - $120

Wilwood BBK set with E brake: mounted but never ran. Brackets and rotors included. Rears fitted for 7gen accord/3G TL and fronts are fitted for crv with pilot rotors. Not sure if brackets will direct fit TL.- $2000

M112 Sc fitted for j series - cooling parts are all there, but not fully dabbed up - $2400
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