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Well, those that saw my original post regarding the damage to my front bumper/3M material due to the geese being in my way...

All worked out great. My friend/installer came to Columbus from Dayton and was great. He replaced all the material, even the custom cut hood piece.

Install of the entire front took about two hours and the damage, was very limited to a small chip in the paint and a slight indentation in the plastic of the bumper. That's it!

I've had it on my 02 Trailblazer too and it protected well when I struck a tire too. It bounced off the brush gaurd, but did scuff the plastic where contact was made. No paint damage though :)

Those thinking about's another tried and proven case of it holding up very well. Absolutely no sanding or buffing was needed. All the apparent damage I saw originally was limited to the film.

Pic of Installation...near the end

Damage left and viewed after the installation of the new 3M film
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