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Hey Everyone,

i just started a groupbuy for the norcal chapter for these pocket mini bikes and i'm a little concerned about shipping and if they were to get damaged.

These are the prices as of 4/25/2004
1 - 2 buyers $450 each

3 - 4 buyers $425 each

5 - 9 buyers $400 each

10+ buyers 370 each

we'd need 10 buyers to get a great price, but i dont' want to have them damaged during shipping. They come in a big styrafoam piece for the back but shipping companies always manage to dent the sides and i don't want any of the panels to get bent or anything.....hhmmm. What do you guys think?

i'll call the shipping companies to see what i can do to make sure they are really FRAGILe with the boxes. They weight like 50 lbs. so it's not that easy to throw around, but who knoes what the hell happens from when i send it to when it's received.

take care everyone,


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Guys, DO NOT BUY FROM InTheSix!!!

Just look at the AEM V2 thread and see how unreliable these guys are. I got ripped off just three weeks ago by these guys on my AEM V2!!! Sent money, they told me it was on the way and now don't respond to any form of communication I have tried. Thier web-site doesn't even have a contact phone number.

I'm sure if you search the net, you can find prices as good as theirs and actually get your product!
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