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I have one ill sell you, it's tucked away in the garage. All you'll need is a few.connecrors off the 6 speed tranny to add. Richie never supplied those anyways.

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Good day guys... am new to this forum so I am also preparing myself to to a 6spd swap... I read that in the first few post that there's a module or some sort of wire harness to be use to connect the manual transmission to the stock ecu... can some direct me to where I can buy this connecting harness please and what's the cost...?

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There has been much confusion with swapping a 6 speed manual transmission into a 6th gen V6 Accord. I thought I would write this post to allow people to easily understand how the process works without unnecessary reposting of this topic over and over again. As well as filling my PM box with one sentence messages asking "How do a swap a 6 speed in my car?"

The Module

The swap module allows for the interfacing of the 6 speed manual transmission with the stock Accord 4 speed automatic transmission computer.

Without the module the following feature will not work.
-Full rev limit
-Reverse lock out
-Reverse light
-Passing inspection due to CEL

Parts list
The parts used for this swap are quite simple everything is available from Honda except the harness. Try to get as many parts off the donor car as possible. Here are some diagrams of the parts needed.

You can purchase parts and view detailed diagrams at Honda parts sites such as and I find these are great sites for diagrams which allow you to see what is involved in a swap.

The only mounts that are required to be change are the transmission mounts. The rear engine mounts can also be changed with a CL-S mount which is stronger but is not required. For the transmission mounts use the ones from the 03 CL-S 6 speed.

Axles and Intermediate shaft
The stock axles and intermediate shaft work just fine with the 6 speed transmissions. The CL-S axles are suppose to be stronger and thicker.

You can use either the 03 CL-S or I4 Accord pedals.

Clutch hydraulics
You can use the clutch lines from the CL-S as well as the master cylinder. I have tried using a master cylinder from a mid 90's Civic as well and it works just fine and is a good bit cheaper.

Clutch Disc, Pressure Plate and Flywheel
You can use the clutch disc, pressure plate and flywheel from any 6 speed transmission. The Accord, TL and CL all use the same clutch but the CL uses a different flywheel which doesn't matter with this harness.

Shifter and Linkages
The I4 Accord shifter and linkages are not a direct fit and will have to be modified. The only linkages and shifter that are a direct fit are the from the 03 CL-S.

6 Speed Transmissions

6 Speed transmissions from the following cars can be used. But the Accord and TL transmissions will have to be modified slightly by welding on a stud for the shift linkage. (more on this later)
03-07 Accord V6 MT (NO LSD)
03 CL-S MT (LSD)
04-08 TL MT (LSD)

Special Preparations
Before installing the harness the mechanical aspects and stock wiring should be checked for functionality. This can done be driving the car in limp mode, by removing the transmission range switch from the automatic transmission and connecting it to the engine harness. Then by manipulating the the switch to the N or P position using a screw driver. Test to see if the car will drive. This will eliminate difficult troubleshooting due to the possibility of problems with both the car and harness.

Common Questions
Q: What car will this harness work on.
A: 98-02 Accord V6

Q: Will the harness work with a TL or CL.
A: Not yet we are working on the Type-S ECU currently. The harness might work on the 99 TL and will soon be tested.

Q: Can I use a I4 or Prelude transmission.
A: No only the listed transmission will work.

Q: Can I use this harness with the J32A2 Type-S ecu.
A: No, we are currently working on a harness that works with a Type-S motor. We hope this can be applied to the Accord, TL and CL.

Q: How can I get a harness.
A: The design has been modified for a easy install and will be mass produced soon. The first ones should be ready in around April.

Success Stories
Please let me know of any corrections.

Richie V6
99 Accord J30A1 with TL 6 Speed
99 Accord ECU

99 Accord J32A1 with Accord 6 Speed
99 Accord ECU

99 Accord J30A1 with CL 6 Speed
99 Accord ECU

99 Accord J30A1 with Accord 6 Speed
99 Accord ECU

2nd Gen Harness

Orignal Post
Hey guys, I am swaping in a 01 J30A1 and 6 speed into my 99 accord, since I bent my valves. This time I am working at home at a much slower pace so I will have time to take pictures and document the process.

So far I have prepped the new motor and removed the old motor from the car. I am waiting for my new clutch to come in. I will be running a distributor until I can figure out how to get a 01 ecu programmed by Honda.

As of September of last year I have been experimenting with swaping a 6 speed transmission into a 6th gen accord v6. As of last week I have designed, built and tested all the circuitry that solves all issues that people currently have with swaping in just a 6 speed tranny. Such as running check engine light and transmission fault free, working speedometer, vtec engaging and reverse shift lock out solenoid.

Several members have contacted me on building modules and harnesses that will allow them to run 6 speed tranny in there 6th gen accord. I was wondering how many people would be interested in this. I am planning on having custom printed circuit boards made and the larger the order the less expensive it will be. I am also thinking about offering a full swap kit with all the parts nesseccery for the swap including tranny. Basically you just pick up a pallet and all parts will be included.

I just noticed i have the resolution turned down really bad on my camera. The next set of pics will be more clear.

New motor, well only 28k

Stripped down to the bone :p

Stock harness

OOooOOOo J30A1 with 6 speed bolted to it

Tranny mount.

Hooked up

Front view

Rear View

No engine

Old engine meet your replacement

Tranny mount again

Unbolted CL-s 6 speed tranny

did you make the harness and module or did you buy them? and where did you buy them or how did you make them?

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I’m sure there is a thread elsewhere for this but I’ll ask it here. I currently drive a 2001 accord coupe v6 with 300000 miles. The way I beat on it the engine will blow up before 350000 and the trans will probably go in 10,000 miles. I’m hoping to be able to put in a j32 of some sort as well as a 6 speed manual from the CL.
Does the j32 bolt up to the engine mounts on the accord v6 and would the 6 speed manual bolt up to the j32?
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