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yeah, i am selling them :(

taking them off tomorrow...but if anyone wants to pick them up ASAP, they will be available by tomorrow

here is the breakdown:
front 2 shocks have around 20-25k on them (rode soft like 20%, full hard like 30% and medium 50% of the time)

rear 2 shocks have around 5-8k on them (medium 100% of the time) both of them are brand new (the old generation ksport shocks had a problem, so they gave me new ones) - but i have the original 13/9 spring rate with the new shocks, i think the new ones are lower than that

lastly, these spring/shocks were dailies in riverside and honestly, they DO NOT ride too stiff - they are nice, get on freeway on-ramps without fear of understeering and dying

the springs are definitely better than my h&r race setup, but dampening is not as precise as koni yellows

other than that they ride GREATTTTTTTTT

KSPORTS ARE SOLD (pretty firm price)

hit me up AIM: dorkiedandan
PM me
call me: (714) 624-8832

i LOOSELY go by dibs, but money talks :)
1 - 20 of 34 Posts
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