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Stock Passenger Side Door. 2001 Accord V6 Coupe Black. No Shipping. Make Offers! Not sure what these things go for. I also have the armrest to which I will throw in for free.

PPI PCX 2200 - New in Box, Never Used. Specs: $325
Channel: 2 4 ohm: 200
2 ohm: 400
Bridged: 800
Damping: >500
S/N Ratio: >115dB
Dimension: 2.375" x 10"
Length: 18.5"
THD: 02%
Power Input: 4 Guage
Freq. Resp.: 4.5-100k
I/P Sens.: .15-12V
X/O Slope: 12dB
X/O Freq.: 30Hz-4KHz
X/O Type: 2 way
Input Type: 12 vDC
Cooling Fan: yes
QBass: QBass™ Plus

^^^^ also has 3 year warranty from PPI.

Stock 6x9 that came with car. $10 obo

SPW 9005 Wire Harness Upgrade for Hyperwhites $12 shipped. obo

Blue Foglights, No Harness. $25 shipped. obo

6 Boxes of Hyperwhites (3 9006) and (3 9005) $35.00 shipped. obo

^^^^ btw: pay no attention to the package, that was used to protect the lights.

Noyka Rear Tails Wedge RED bulb. Hard to find. $8 shipped. obo

Purple Wedge Headlight Bulbs $12 shipped.obo

**LED** Wedge Headlight Bulbs (Purple) $14.00 shipped.obo

Professional Fuse for Thick Wire under Hood. (for amps and such) $10 shipped.obo

Alpine Volume Control for Bass Speakers $25.00 shipped. obo

Blue Wedge Headlight Bulbs $12.00 shipped. obo

OEM 9006 Factory Bulbs $25 shipped. obo

CS-X3 Scent Dispenser (Blue) $8 shipped. obo

local pickup is always preferred.

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is that passenger side door, black leather door panels? and is the armrest black leather also? if so, i may have a nice offer for u(but requires shipping, i kno u said no shipping, but id let u kno what it is to consider)

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dreamer said:
**LED** Wedge Headlight Bulbs (Purple) $14.00 shipped.obo

local pickup is always preferred.

hey that the 168 peanut bulb thats where the bulb for where the amber strip use to be>?

maybe interested...hit me up
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