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Okay everyone, so I tried locally but no bites. I just want to put the car back to stock. I have a few parts nothing big but maybe they will be of better use to someone else. Some items I will need back your stock ones. Most of them pictured ON car but will be off by the weekend.

OEM sunroof visor $50 + shipping

Red H emblem grill $40+ shipping

P2R tb spacer $40+ shipping

Rear roof spoiler 80+ shipping

EBay cai (red filter) $25+ shipping

I have innovative mounts that are on the car, but don't know if anybody might want them. I just need your OEM mounts. They have been on for about 5k miles. Obviously this is more for locals. Don't seem to be donuted to me.
passenger side mount
front mount
rear mount

2nd gen TL/ CL OEM strut bar, was going to try and install on my car but am getting rid of the car so...
$40+ shipping

I have a clean set of 07-08 tl base wheels, want to trade for stock ex v6 wheels. Maybe something else? Tires are 75% tread front, 85% tread rear. Only one has small rash spot . They're just dirty in pics.
wheel 1
wheel 2
wheel 3
wheel 3 small rash spot.
wheel 4

Broadway wide rearview mirror $25+ shipping

I have tein s.techs on kyb gr2's up front and teins on OEM shocks on the rear. Replaced shocks at 87k. Anybody looking for a mild drop here you go. I just need your OEM struts/springs back +$50 on top.

OEM v6 springs
$40+ shipping

7gen front mud guards
$20+ shipping

03-05 accord sedan grill OEM

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