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After having several threads I decided to make one big thread that way everything is more organized. Prices will NOT include shipping or paypal fees. Also, prices are OBO. Feel free to let me know what you're willing to pay or what you have. I'm open to trades as long as they're not POS.

Projectors Headlights with Clear reflector $50

Megan Test Pipe $30

Skunk2 Springs ( STRUTS NOT INCLUDED) $80

Piaa H1 Bulbs $20

JL Audio Subwoofer 10w1v2-4 $90 1 Sold 1 Left

10 inch Sony Subwoofer $20

Q-Logic 12 inch Sealed Subwoofer Box $20

Digitech Death Metal Pedal $35
Darelectro Grilled Cheese Pedal $30

Digitech RP200 Pedal with Power Adapter (power adapter can be used with any Guitar Pedal) $80

Guitar Bag $10

Guitar Stand $10

Miscellaneous Guitar Parts $10

Guitar Strap, Dark Purple $10

SPY Tron Glasses $50

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hows the cutoff with those projectors? are they in working order? the led rings?
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