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I am selling my Vision X HIDs they are bulb size H7 and they were only used for 3 months the Ballasts, starters, and bulbs are in perfect condition and the color of the bulbs are 8000K which is Hyper/Pure White. The kit still works and my reason for selling it is that I am going to buy a Carbon Fiber Hood because I can't keep my HIDs on at Car-Shows so I just decided to go get a CF Hood instead.

Package images:

They sell this on EBAY and heres a link to their auction it goes for $360 Shipped and that is for 6000K and I have 8000K its more expensive by about $10-$20 bucks!!!!


Here's another link:

This site is selling it for $399.95 + $15 shipping:

Just PM me with an offer but I am asking $290.
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