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hey everyone. im selling my current winter car. its a 1989 honda civic hatch dx. ill give you the good and the bad, with the bad first.

bad: i got bumped in the passenger door about a month ago by some big avalanche that couldnt even see me over the hood of his mamoth truck. minor damage on the door skin. door still operates perfectly. front right axle is just starting to make ticking sounds when turning hard left. cv joint im sure. i priced out an axle for it and its 65 bucks with a core return. there is also a small hole on the drivers seat bolster. i just put a t-shirt over the seat and thats fine with me.

now on to the good: it only has 135,xxx miles on it which is good for an 89. especially a civic. it doesnt burn or leak a drop of any fluid what-so-ever. i change the oil every 3-3500 miles and just had the coolant flushed a month ago. it has a cd player and i put a sirius satellite radio in it that still has a couple months left of service on it that will be included. i drive too much to have to listen to crappy regular radio. this car gets 40 mpg in the city and 45 mpg freeway driving. i will miss that. i just put 4 brand new snow tires on this car right before christmas. they have less than 4000 miles on them. they are mismatch however. two firestones and two coopers. snow tires are hard to get in the winter. two regular tires will also come with this car. good but not great tread. when i bought the car in september, the previous owner had already changed the timing belt, alternator, battery, front left axle, and exhaust. this car is a perfect daily driver or winter car. the only reason im selling it is because i found a little nicer daily driver for a pretty good price. (another golf :cool: )

my asking price is only $1,100 but i am slightly negotiable. if anyone is interested, you're best bet of getting ahold of me is to call my cell. i dont have a working computer at home, so i cant check im's very often. my cell # is 414-828-0452 and my name is chris for those of you who dont know me. sorry for the long post. thanks!
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