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So I almost pulled the trigger on a 2012 EX-L 6-6 over the weekend, but before I could I found a 2013 EX-L 6-6 for a similar price with similar kms.

Obviously one is a 9th gen and one is a 8th gen, and the aftermarket support is limited at best for either. But will 8th gen parts fit on the 9th gen? I've read the only major change is with the auto transmission, and that the 8th/9th 6-6's are basically the same car, and the same mods make the same gains etc.

Yes I've used the search bar, but it seems much fewer people are modifying the 9th gen than the 8th, so information is hard to come by.

I'd take the dated interior and annoying navigation system of the 8th gen over the beautiful 9th if the aftermarket support is limited on the 9th.
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