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* 94-95 Accord Tails
These have had the amber piece cleared out of them and they have been checked for bulb fitment and also to make sure the reflectors are in tact. Everything is to my standards which is really high. This will be a straight drop in for your car.
I want $20 and your stock tails for this or $30 and you take these out of my closet. Shipping will be extra if you need it shipped.

I can also clear ur existing tails if you wish for about $20 and I am located in southern california, Huntington beach area.

* 94-97 Accord moonroof wind deflector
This is an original honda part and I took this off my 95 Accord. There are no cracks and I have all mounting hardware.
I am taking offers on this one due to the fact that it is $70 new but I just want to get rid of this.

* 94-95 Accord grille
This is painted in the Black pearl color and has no cracks or huge scratches in it. This is the one that you can find on ebay for $30 or more because then you have to pay to have it shipped.
I am taking offers on this one too but I am only going to start taking offers at about $30 because I had to buy another grille for my car to suit my needs and wants.

* 94-97 Accord ABS Plastic eyebrows
These are in ABS white, and were NEVER installed or taken out of the little baggy. So everything is in tact and brand new
I'm taking about $20 for these

* 94-97 Accord EX front and rear sway bars
This is the 26mm front and ??mm rear sway bars from my 95 Accord EX
I took these off because I installed my new ST sways. This is a great upgrade if you have an LX accord and wish to put these on.
$ Give me an offer on these

*94-97 Accord EX front and rear shocks and springs
These are the shocks and springs off my 95 Accord ex.
I took these off to get my Tein SS coilovers installed

* 94-97 Accord 6x9 rears and 6.5 front speakers
I took these off to install my new speakers, these are not blown and they still have lots of life left in them.

* ??-?? Sony Xplode CD Receiver model CDX-650x
I am removing this so I can install a new stereo, I bought this for $200 and am parting with it for about $75

* 96-97 Accord Euro clear bumper lenses
These are bumper lenses I bought wayyyy in advance because I was going to buy a 97 Accord. They are brand new, already sealed and checked for leakage as well. I sealed them personally and took a day to do it to make sure they seal well.
I am asking about $30 for these

* Ray's Engineering lug nuts (16 lugs & Lug key)
These have a 60 degree taper on them and they are power coated or painted black. These are brand new and have never been used once. Ray's charges about $120 for these so I will be asking near that price for them.

* 94-97 Accord Clear rear side marker.
These are the rear side marker lens for the back of the car. They replace the red ones. I bought these and was going to put them on but I decided to keep it red, these are brand new.
I am asking about $20 for both of these

* 90-02 Accord LED light set
I bought these in multiple colors of blue, white, purple, amber and aqua green
I have resistors too so these I am selling DIRT CHEAP.
I am asking about $1.50 for each one due to the fact that I have sooooooo many of these things. hahaa

*Momo Raceair aluminum leather shift knob
I used this in my car for about two months before I got my short shift kit.
It is top half leather and bottom half aluminum. Gives your car a real sporty look and this knob feels awesome.
I am asking about $40 for this knob or your best offer depending on where you are located.

* ??-?? 194 bulb holder
This is a used bulb holder but in good condition with about 3-4 inches of wire coming off of them. They are cleaned. Shoot me a price on these if you want one of them.

* 94-97 Accord trunk light and holder.
Took this out because I no longer need the stock light in my trunk.

Payment methods/delivery information:

I am paypal verified and ebay verified for any and all transactions.
I would prefer local pickup or delivery but can ship at buyers expense.

If you want any of this stuff you can PM me here or you can shooot me an email to [email protected]
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