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Ok let me just clarify couple of things, I bought some red clears for my sedan a while back on ebay, fast forward about 3 years, the inner sections of the tails faded from red to pink...:rolleye2: The outer sections of the red clears are in great shape though.

so i decide to paint the inner section back to red, but it turned out like complete crap, so i decided I am not gonna go through that sanding process, and want some oem tail lights.

I really dont need the outer oem tails, I just need the inner sections of the tails, so if you have a spare set in good condition please let me know. Or if you dont want to part them out that way, we can also trade the entire red clears for your oem tails. either way please let me know, I am tired of looking at my painting skills, or lack of....

Pics will be up soon
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