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i have a brand new, never installed AC autotechnic water hose adapter for sale. what it is, is a connector that goes between your radiator hose and has a hole that is pinned for a sender unit for a water temperature sender for a gauge. i took this out the pack but never installed it because my gauges sender actually didnt fit since its a very obscure type of sender. the adapter itself is made of aluminum and is blue in color. with it i will include the adapter, two hose clamps for the radiator hoses and a couple of different types of adapters that fit into the hole on the main adapter. these didnt come with the actual unit so you wont get those if you buy it from ebay or somewhere online.

here is the generic picture of it, the item is identical, just opened instead of in the pack.

i am asking 20 dollars shipped for it, with all the stuff mentioned above. just post here if your interested ASAP as i have a kid here at college with a DSM who i dont like that wants to buy it and id rather a fellow accord owner get it.

as i said, i never installed it so its brand new!!! $20 takes it!!!

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