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AEM - Short Ram Intake

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Description: AEMs shortram intake is very simple to install and clean. Emits a growling sound when gettin on the gas. Short ram is a little better for keeping some of the low end torque but power is also felt in the higher RPM range as well. Horespower increase is around 5.

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yeah so this lil intake makes my car sound like, according to my friend, an M5. I think it sounds like a muscle car - not ricey at ALL. mmm okay heres a story: so i raced my friend up a hill - he had a audi a4 and the first time b4 my intake he beat me by 1 car or so. now i got intake AND i got these 2 subs in the back with a huge effing box and i beat my friend by half a car. impressive eh?

Prosnice growl, most bang for the buck, pretty good HP/ torque gains
Consnot loud enough if you dont go WOT :)
Would you recommend?yes
1 - 1 of 7 Posts
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