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Aftermarket 2006 Accord headlights already cracking and yellowing

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I'm losing confidence in ordering from Ebay these days. I rather pay more for OEM replacement parts now. These headlights are four years old and already cracking and yellowing. Any recommendations?
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All plastic headlights do this, including OEM and high end BMW and Mercedes plastic headlights. The UV coating that is applied to the plastic wears down. After the UV coating wears down, the plastic starts to become yellow.

Four years ago I purchased new GM headlights for my 98 Camaro. I started using McKee's 37 Headlight Protectorant spray on those GM headlights. It is a polymer coating that slows down the breakdown process of the UV coating. I apply that product every time I wash the car.

I do have one headlight that appears to have the UV coating just now starting to breakdown/peel. Those headlights were sitting on GM's warehouse for 21 years, so maybe the coating was naturally breaking down already? for thought
Polish or wetsand and polish then go to a place that does PPF installs (aka clear bra) for UV film over the headlights.
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