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Hello all, fairly new to this forum but not to the V6 scene I have a Acura tl 05 auto that's brought me through mechanical hell and back as a diyer.

I've been dealing with lean banks 1 and 2 since I swapped this odyssey engine j35a6 earlier this year still haven't been able to fix that issue no matter what I do nonetheless the vehicle was still drivable.

Up until recently last week my engine started having a rough idle shaking at red lights fine when driving maybe a bit weaker when it comes to acceleration but I could tell something was off I was initially hoping it was a motor mount or two gone bad but not with my luck anyways beginning Sunday I had flashing cel light briefly and monday it came back full solid with the codes P0404 P0171 P0174 (these are my lean codes and egr valve performance problem) and new codes being P0300 P0301 P0302 P0303 P0304 P0305 P0306 (Multiple cylinder misfires and everyone of my cylinders misfiring detected) So I went ahead and took all the spark plugs out and will say they do looked worn for brand new ones that I installed back in March when i put my used odyssey engine together and one of the ignition coils looks like it was melting a bit if that makes sense (will include photos).

I'm not sure if the lean code issue exacerbated and caused all these issues I will say that when the car starts at times it does make a rough scrapping sound (the type no one diyer wants to hear from their vehicle)

Wednesday I replaced all sparkplugs and one of the coils that had looked like it was burnt a bit. All in all no change was really made. I'm assuming I got the Pistons or rings are giving me this issue. I already changed the fuel pump, fuel injectors, EVAP purge selonoid, egr valve etc etc in the last few months (I've tried to be as vigilant as possible. I'm chalking it up to me having bought a bad engine when I originally did the swap earlier this year (it's been throwing lean codes since the installation).

So moving forward im thinking today after work I'd grab and use some engine restore just to buy me a few weeks worth of time before I have to do major work.

I'd like to ask you guys how hard is it to change pistons and rings myself or would I be better off getting a new used engine from my local lkq which has plenty odysseys and TLs since forever (last time I purchased my used engine from an actual parts dealer in opalocka for about a grand smh) so I know I could get one for much cheaper.

I'm doubting it's a valve issue but If is I do have a set of RL heads I was waiting to finally clear my lean codes before installing them.
I even have my old j32 engine but haven't been able to bust the head bolts not sure if I can do anything with that to save me time and money

Any word of advice would be great I know I maybe should do a compression test but at this point don't feel it's necessary to spend another 30-50 bucks at harbor freight compared to the 10-20 bucks for a bottle of engine restore at Walmart.

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