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Hey whats up guys. First off Local sale sorry peeps. SOCAL. Located in Los angeles, this is wayyyy to big for me to try to ship out unless u just want me to ship the muffler tip but im not changing the price lol.

so i picked up some stock looking mufflers and im tired of getting hassled from the cops about this exhaust so im just gonna go with the new one i got. Legit Apexi, still has whats left of the serial number/sticker thing (from being so low) scraped up a fair amount since i was slammed. 2.5" Piping from the cat back off a sedan.$120 picked up need this gone!

~~>1ft of it from the cat back i kept because i need the flange and some piping for my new set up.

definately sounds good from a v6, idk how the i4 would be, around 3.5krmps it had a purr almost the same as a g35, sorry no sound clips but it doesnt honestly sound great.

Scraped up res

Authenticity label? Lol

Sorry for being slammed xD
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