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For Sale: A'PEXi S-AFCII Super Airflow Converter w/ piggyback harness

The SUPER AFC II is a fuel adjustment controller in which the airflow sensor signal or the pressure sensor signal can be modified in a 12 point RPM range by 1% increments to increase/decrease fuel in a range of +50% to ?50%. The RPM to be corrected can be optionally set in 200 RPM increments, and corrections can be made according to throttle opening amounts. In a turbo equipped vehicle with a hot wire type airflow meter, this controller provides a preventive function for engine stall due to blow-back during throttle return. The controller, which includes a knocking meter, allows the monitoring of knock levels check keeping the engine under its optimum condition at all times. (Vehicle must have a factory knock sensor).

ECU Straight Harness, Honda/ Acura B16, B18, F22, H22 $159.00

Apexi S-AFC II $350.00

MY PRICE: $250 obo

AFC Air Flow Converter

The A'PEXi Air Flow Converters work by intercepting the signal between the car's air flow meter and the ECU. The Air Flow Meter is the device that tells the ECU how much air is entering the engine so that the ECU can add the correct amount of fuel.

The ECU calculates the proper ratio of fuel to air for a stock, unmodified engine. Certain engine modifications can cause the dynamics of the engine to require more fuel. In this case, there are two common options for modifying the amout of fuel being input into the engine. One can either install larger injectors or increase the fuel pressure to the stock injectors is increased.

Since the stock ECU thinks that it knows how much fuel it is putting into the engine based on the stock injector size and the stock fuel pressure, changing either of these will result in increased fuel. You may get lucky and just pick the perfect injector or fuel pressure that gives you the perfect air/fuel ratio. You may also get lucky and pick this weekends winning lottery numbers. In either case I wouldn't bet the farm on it. The Air Flow Converter gives you the means to adjust the amount of fuel that the ECU injects into the engine by modifying the signal from the air flow meter. This is done a specific RPM levels. This way you can tell the engine that a certain amount more air is flowing into the engine as a specific RPM than is really entering the engine, and the ECU will add that much more fuel. Decrease it at another RPM level and the ECU will decrease the fuel into the engine.
What cars can use the AFC Air Flow Converter?

In general, any Japanese-made car with factory fuel injection and a mass air flow meter. However, these have been adapted to work with many other cars made in Korea, the USA, and Europe. It all boils down to identifying the correct wire into the ECU. In general, the following wires must be identified:

* Ground
* Power
* Air Flow / Pressure Signal Input
* Air Flow / Pressure Signal Output

Fortunately, in many cases these wiring diagrams are available in the A'PEXi Vehicle-Specific Wiring Diagrams. If your car is not found here, you can often do a Google search for your model name and "APEXI SAFC" and find the fruit of someone elses labors lovingly presented in an online forum.

S-AFC II - The Super AFC II (Air Flow Converter) is the industry standard for sub computer fuel control. The S-AFC II is designed to fine tune and "squeeze" power out of existing engine setups by allowing the user to modify the fuel curve with precision accuracy.

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