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Hey guys,

I'm going to sell my VAFC 2, I've got some bills to pay and just can't afford to have this sitting for 2 more months until I decide to install it in the spring.

NONE of the wires have been cut and includes all the wiring that comes brand new with the unit.

Here is a brief description of the product:
The A'pexi V-AFC 2 Vtec controller is the easiest way to modify the Fuel Maps and Control Vtec from one handheld unit. The On-Screen Display is easy to navigate and modify. Apexi has redesigned the Face Plate of the Vafc2 Vtec Controller and added a Knock Sensor monitor into the features. The Apex V-AFC 2 Vtec Controller allows the user to modify the fuel curve at 24 adjustable increments as well as change the VTEC Engagement Point. Most cars will see a 10-20 increase in horsepower. Installs in 1 Hour. The US Version of the Apexi VAFC2 Vtec Controller is BLACK with Plum Display Panel, like the GT-500 Limited Edition Apex S-AFC Simple Air Fuel Controller.

Improvements over VAFC 1: 100rpm increments instead of 500rpm increments, 24 throttle based points compared to 12.

Features of the Apex VAFC 2 Vtec Controller Include:

Fuel Control
Adjust Fuel Delivery Range of +50% to -50% up to 1% Step Increments in 100 RPM Increments
Unmatched Fuel Control, Richen or Lean out the Fuel Mixture when Vtec Engages

Vtec Control
Adjustable Vtec Control for RPMs, Throttle Angle, Upshift / Downshift, Engine Speed
Vtec is Adjustable in Increments of 100 Rpm for a Total of 24 Throttle Based Points
VTC Vtec Monitoring for i-Vtec Equipped Engines
For Vehicles with Vtec Engine Swaps, The VAFC-2 Can be used to Activate V-TEC for a Non-Vtec ECU.

Monitoring Functions / Apex VAFC 2 Updates
Digital Real Time Display of RPM Gauge and Knock Sensor Monitor
LED Lights up Green / Red when Lo / Hi Vtec Cam Engages
The VAFC-2 has password Lockout and Retains Memory of Settings if the Battery is Disconnected
Warranty Information
Picture to come soon.

Asking: $200 USD + shipping

Located in Toronto, Canada

PM me if interested.

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hey steverino...i'm interested. you don't have the harness for it yet do you?

So I know someone who can hook this beast up without a I'm seriously considering this.
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