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it was fun to be here and learn from some very knowledgable Members...i wanted to get the Accord to the 400K or 500K club but i needed to move on to something more practical

the car has been sold, but i am always up for helping any Accord owners...i would PM me if you have any questions and i will try to help out as best as possible

i''ll probably still lurk around THE PIT though

i'm going to post my Modification list for my 7th Gen. - 2003 Accord 4dr. V6 so if you got a question about something, hit me up!

2003 Honda Accord EX, 4Dr., Auto - 300,000+ miles

Every Available Option plus Navigation, Keyless Entry, Keyless Trunk release, Alarm, Auto Window roll up and down. Grey leather with zero rips or tears, mint dash, garaged kept

Aftermarket Parts:
18” Rays Engineering/Volk Racing FORGED gloss black Wheels and Hankook Optimo Tires (Summer Wheels) - 16x genuine Rays Chrome Lug Nuts with 4x locking key and nuts, 4x Rays center Caps chrome

Rear Optima Battery. If front Battery ever fails, another Rear Optima RED Top in the Trunk where the majority of AFTERMARKET mods were installed. This is much more safer than TAPPING into OEM ECU which if something goes wrong, could seriously damaged the OEM ECU system. NOT one aftermarket modificaton was ever put on the OEM ECU, always on front or rear battery.

Front Battery replaced recently with high end Bosch and Alternator also replaced professionally and should be good for another 100L

OEM Accord Hybrid Hood that is lighter than a Carbon Fiber hood. (had both and weighed them) great for saving on gas. If you can find it, get it, the OEM Accord Hybrid Hood was lighter than my $600 VIS Carbon Fiber Hood! pics if you want

Full VIS Racing Carbon Fiber Trunk, much lighter than OEM, great for saving on gas

Brembo/Advics front Big Brakes with slotted and drilled Rotors. Superior stopping power from OEM. The main reason a lot of 7th gens. get into front end wrecks are the very weak stopping power OEM ones...the stopping power of big brakes makes it feel like a different car

Acura OEM TLS Front/Rear Sway Bars upgrade - handles like a different car, much more tighter safer feeling while cornering, lane changing

Acura TLS/RL Camshafts - added Torque and lowered the city driving RPM which will save on gas and perform in the top end on the highway

Genuine JDM Inspire Wing with 3rd LED Brake Light - wing $400, professionally installed not to crack the Carbon Fiber $100, paint $120 - so about $600 just for the Wing

Top center Samsung Tablet and Tablet holder (street legal mod that doesn’t block field of vision) It has Torque Lite app and the Bluetooth ECU unit to show realtime Coolant (great for warming up the car, when it reaches 186F, that means the car is fully warmed up vs. looking at the OEM gauge, shows Volts 13.5-14.3 is optimal, if it drops under 12.0 a battery may be going soon, shows RPM and other realtime info

genuine OEM Front Lip painted (also got a Full Rear aftermarket Bumper replacement and 2x Mugen style Side Skirts never installed, needs to be painted so these can be included)

Front Hood AVS Stone Guard

4x Mugen style Window visors

4x Chrome Door handles

custom Retrofit Morimoto H7 low beams in BLK housing with clear parking lights - $450

custom 2x LED Yellow Fog lights - (i got some Morimotes 9006 LED Fog lights with Audi style housing I never got around to installing) the Morimoto LED 2Stroke 2.0s are $150 themselves

2x custom LED clear corners, they are a 6th or 5th gen. OEM Accord clears

32" Front LED Light Bar (great in severe weather) covered with neo chrome vinyl

LED Lighting ---- (ALMOST every single Bulb has been Upgraded to an LED or high end HID Bulb from OEM) map lights, front door panel lights for safety when entering, dome lights 2x front, 1x rear, clear corners, Shifter, Rear License Plate

Morimoto 6000K white/blue Front Low Beams

HID 6000K Diamond White High Beams used as DRLs

HID 6000K (THEY ARE SUPER BLUE due to housing) - Daytime Fog lights for safety

Two step Turn Signals orange when turning and white on constant at night. They blink in sync with the side view TSX LED mirrors

Custom Navigation Antenna (Navi needs to be set up to work but honestly WAZE works better nowadays)

Racing Tow Hook

Rain X wipers for Summer, Bosch Winter blades for winter (brand new) not installed will include

custom Dual Borla Exhaust System with straight piping $700. Each Borla was $300+ new not including piping and install

custom Borla Type S mid pipe - $200 withou install

custom 4” Cold Air Intake system with breather air filter - $200

Tsudo J Pipe - $350 not including install by Racing Trenz which only charged me $200 bucks but to get off the old one, spent way more hours and effort to get this part on and the rusted OEM one off (STILL HAVE OEM J PIPE) will include with sale.

RV6 PCDs 2x or pre cat deletes (one of the parts that doesn't make it legal here in Denver...everywhere else ok) STILL HAVE 2x OEM CATs. will include with sale

3.7 Acura MDX Intake Manifold and Intake Manifold spacer

3.7 Acura MDX Throttle Body

HPS Racing 2x High Temp Radiator Hoses (red)

Password JDM 2x wiper and brake fluid covers (blk)

Mugen style Oil Cap (red)

Bosch top of line Battery in Front - quad positive/negative battery terminals

(MAYBE KEEPING BUT we can discuss) in Rear Trunk - Optima Red Top Battery w/Case and Tray to hold Battery in place and avoid moisture
custom Engine Grounding Kit

painted Valve Cover (Red)

custom LED White strip trunk light

3x OEM Grey Leather Seats, Drivers perforated Acura TSX BLK Leather. Perforated leather is better esp. if you would rather sweat and roll with the windows down during the summer. Main reason my A/C was only recharged professionally because I don't use A/C. fully functional and blows cold

Front Heated Seats and Dual climate control

OEM Navigation System w/AUX or plug and play any Phone/Music Player with an audio jack (sry newer iphones)

custom Acura RL Hazard Button, RL Master Brake Cylinder Cover (grey)

LED Gauges: Dragon - RPM, Air/Fuel, Vacuum, and Volt (Volt is installed up top where there is a sunglass holder...never used it so mounted this up there)

LED Transmission Temp. Gauge - i got 2, the other one should be better, never installed...Glowshift one currently installed

Lots (20+?) - genuine Dorman Blue LED Rocker Switches to power everything. All parts installed separately and NEVER off the OEM Fuse Box (ENGINE or INTERIOR one) that could cause Electrical problems. Every single Modification has its own separate wiring to either Front or Back Batteries along with a fuse holder with correct amperage Fuse so if anything pops rather than directly damaging the OEM ECUs, it'll just pop a simple fuse to replace

OEM 2007 Automatic Shift Knob

LED P, R, D, D2, D3 light

custom LED White/Red/Blue big number/letter Gauge face cover, has a switch to make Blue to Green

custom painted Red Gauge Cover

Chrome AC Vent Covers

custom painted Steering Wheel switches (silver)

Rear OEM Weather Trunk Mat genuine w/ACCORD logo

Driver side Honda H emblem LED logo when entering and 6x LED super bright footwell driver side only entry LEDs

Honda Red EMBLEMS - Front, Rear, and Steering Wheel emblems

LED Map lights

custom Leather A Pillars

4x Acura TLS door sills with custom INSPIRE decal

1x 10” Kicker Sub in a box - IF your into Audio or getting old like me or adgitated in jam packed Rush Hour traffic - flipping on the Touch led switch and turning on this Subwoofer in its own box that sits right behind the driver seat is like getting a free and definitely makes Rush Hour more bearable

1x 12” JBL Sub in a box

2x Infinity 6x9s with Boxes

2x JBL 6x9s in rear up top - where OEM speakers would be

2x Alpine Front speakers - where OEM speakers would be

Chrome Amp

Capacitor with touch led on/off switch (this was when i had a more serious system 3x 12" subs in a bandpass box) - still great for the current 12" and 10" subs

custom 3 button LED Touch switch plate...great item by Pilot but i gues it failed because many didn't install it properly with amp regulators...mine has been going strong for 5+ years, zero issues

thanks again to all & Members for a great time

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Currently nearly 263,000 on mine. Does your nav system work? Mine is getting wonky.
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