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August/September Featured Ride Winner

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August/September's V6P Featured Ride winner:

RIDE: 2001 Honda Accord EXv6 (coupe)


-R33 front end w/ shaved holes
-Black widow side skirts
-Black widow rear end
-VIS OEM carbon fiber hood
-Sparco hood pins
-Black housing Headlights
-Shaved Rear Trunk lid
-JT Evo Lambo doors
-Streetglow Gold Series RED underbody Neons

-Invidia Catback Exhaust
-Volant Short Ram Intake


-Custom Shift boot.
-RAZO Carbon Fiber “Quick Shift” shift knob.
-RAZO broadway style mirror.
-Streetglow Gold Series RED interior lighting: (under dash & seats)

-19’’ Axis NE-O rims
-Nitto 555 series tires (225/35/19)
-Eibach Pro-kit Lowering Springs
-SPC Camber kit: (rear adjustable control arm & front adjustable ball joints)

Words from the Winner

The first time I had ever laid eyes on the 6th gen accord coupe in real life
was back in 98 when it first came out. There it was....sitting in an Asian
supermarket parking lot in Pomona. Right away I fell in love with it. It was
taffeta white, fully kitted out, rims, drop....the usual blah blah rice that
would attract any 14/15 year old boy. Man, I could tell you, I was so hyped. I
knew that would be the car that I wanted to drive when I became old enough to
operate a vehicle. After waiting and waiting and countless hours of reading
import tuner and going online I finally got the car beginning senior year. So
the fun begins……

First let me start off though by saying that this was wasn’t exactly I had
wished for. I remember checking like 9 different dealerships for a used coupe
and could not find one if my life depended on it. No body had the “WHITE” one
that I was looking for. A “WHITE EX V6 coupe” to be exact. After looking and
looking and looking, I finally found one that fit the description of the car I
wanted....except for it was....silver. Well....silver and keyed. Yes, that’s right,
the car had been keyed to hell; I guess people didn’t like the previous owner of
this car. But blah, I didn’t care. I bought it anyways. I got it for a lot
cheaper than what Kelley blue book valued the car to be sold for, especially
with such low low mileage.

I began working on my ride right away. Three days after my purchase, I quickly
ran out and bought it her first mod: the thing that makes your car go vroom
vroom. I wanted some thing with a nice deep tone, not ricey and loud as hell. So
I went with the Invidia Exhaust and custom piping. To accommodate the exhaust I
went to Volant Intake Company located in Rancho Cucamonga and had them make me a custom short ram intake. I decided on Volant because I knew nobody would have it and the looks of it was discrete. This intake was different from others because of the material its made of and the black look it has. It isn’t an attention grabber like all the other intake companies. At one point I had been pulled over by a police officer who had asked me to pop my hood and did not even notice I had an aftermarket intake.

Within 3 months of having the car, my transmission goes. Luckily Honda replace
it for no cost because of the warranty extension that they were offering. This
was where I decided that I would make my car an all show car rather than a “go”
car. I figured I didn’t want to risk messing the engine up and having it break
down due to playing with it and plus I didn’t want the cops hassling me. I
figured they would pull me over, pop my hood to see that I’m almost stock and
just leave me alone.

January 04 comes around and I hear about the So Cal cruise down cruise on I saw this as my chance to finally meet all the v6p people and debut my
car, so for that whole month all I did was work on the car. In came my rims,
drop, head/taillights, interior light, exterior lighting and pretty much
everything my wallet could afford at that time.

Four months later, 2 days after my lambo door installation and one day after my
birthday, my ride gets involved in an hit & run accident (some luck huh!). The
front end was smashed up pretty bad, but I saw this as a chance to change things
up a bit. I get a whole new front end along with new paint job and other minor
body work.

After a whole month of waiting and waiting. I get my car back and this is the
car you see today.

Thanks to:
-My parents for putting up with all my modding crap.
-Kennedy and Tony at Premier Autobody in El Monte.
-Tony and the boys at JT Autobody in Rosemead.
-Mark and the boys from Team Icon.
-Moatassim (DaBenz7898) for being patient and putting up with me procrastinating so much on this write-up.

....and last but not least, you guys on who have welcomed me, helped me and taught me everything i know about our Accords.

If there’s someone I forgot to Im sure you helped too. So thanks!

As of right now, I’m not even close to being done with the car. There are many
things planned and on the way for it, so stay tuned and I'll be seeing you guys

~Andy MAO

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hey mao my im just about to order the prokit for my AV6 coupe i was just wondering if u had to put any sort of camber kit on ...if soo can u please tell me what it is .....thanks ps sick car
Andy you've came along way man and you got more to go.........your car looks tight, good choice with the wheels man, but that octane R34 looks better in my opinion then the skyline R33 but nonetheless your ride looks sharp........congrats man.
41 - 46 of 46 Posts
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