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as yall may know, im in the middle of a big engine rebuild. so every little penny counts. im also runnig out of storage room. so i need this stuff gone and i need it gone now. all trades and offers will be considered. ALL PRICES NOT INCLUDING SHIPPING

4 oem springs 60k miles $20
1 fr 1 re struts 60k miles $10 a peice
oem heatsheild $3
oem 6x9 speakers << threw away
steering wheel cover $free
oem strut bar $3
oem automatic shifter plate, trim & knob $8
1.5 din cd holder $free
f23 Plenium $ 15
f23 runners $ 20
f23 head w/o cam $50
f23 pistons << not available
f23 valve cover $40 (SOLD to Chid0)
f23 camshaft $25 (SOLD to Sonnick)
f23 oil pan $5
h23 fuel rail $7
Complete f23 im (- tb) $40
4" exhuast silencer $10
Nology Powercore $30
OEM Muffler $10
Battery tray, holder and metal tray $10
f23 exhuast mani and dp $20
f23 power steeing pump
m3 mirrors: $15
honda atf fluid: i got way too much, name your price
boss mono block amp: $20

h23 cams w/ gears $60
h23 Webb Cams Stg 1 << Sold to DarkSide

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That one guy
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m3 mirrors: $15
honda atf: I got way too much; name ur price
boss mono block: 20 bux

the rest: name ur pric; i wont turn it down unless its stupidly low

there are no more TW

That one guy
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there at the shop.

there two peice ebay m3 mirrors without the amber led. it is also power mirrors.

never installed. ill get pics over the weekend if interested further
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