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Like stated up above. Im looking for black housing headlights. OEM or aftermartket.

OEM Type:
- Painted black (of course)
- No scratches on the lens
- Free of debris or haze inside the lens
- Has the amber signals included
- Chrome still showing on the corner (signal lights area)
- Upgraded seal or no condensation

Aftermarket Type:
- Chrome still showing on the corner (signal lights area)

Or who can do the following stuff listed up above for the "OEM Type"? I need the headlights as well and the above sevices. Can anyone help me im in need of these very soon cause I aint got no headlights.

I have one on my car now and i can ship it back to you! Sort of like a "core charge" type thing. I just need the new headlights on then i can ship my old ones out. They are in good shape its just that im lazy to take it apart again. Thanks guys please help me out here!

EDIT: PM me here or email me here at [email protected] !
1 - 3 of 3 Posts