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All parts including two mufflers and piping from catalytic converter back

Beautiful muffler with rolled round exhaust tips

The hardest part was getting th old muffler off the car. Make sure you use Liquid Wrench or WD40 to loosen up the bolts. You will need a friend to assist in all aspects of the removal and installation. You should either get access to a lift, or do what I did. We drove the front onto ramps and then jacked up the back and put it on jack stands. This can be dangerous and you assume the risk. You will be completely under the car, so any problem could be deadly.

After we got the car up, we started working on the bolts at the cat. After 45 minutes of working on it (spraying with WD40) we were able to knock the bolts loose. Moving towards the back, I removed the stock resonator and mufflers from the hangers. One of the hangers was a little tough. At this time your friend should make sure they are holding onto the muffler as much as possible. If not, the muffler will fall onto you. This happened to me since someone wasn't paying attention. :) After screaming in pain for two seconds we slid the muffler out from the car.

Following the instructions provided by Borla we started installing the exhaust from the cat back. The pieces fit together very well. We were able to use the clamps to hold the items in place as we moved back away from the cat. The hangers were easy to push onto the new muffler and parts. Once the final clamp was on, not tightened yet btw, we started working on adjusting the tips.

We moved the tips around as best as we could to center them. Once we had them where we wanted them (as close as possible) we started torqueing down the bolts. Unfortunately, in the process I did overtorque and snap one of the clamps in half. Panic mode came quickly. It was after 11:00PM, so everything was closed except Walmart. We drove over and got some hose clamps. We tightened three down on the seam and were more careful on the rest of the clamps. At this time I decided to go ahead and get the exhaust seems welded instead of using the clamps. The next Monday I took it to Tony's Custom Exhaust in Glen Burnie, MD and they welded the exhaust and repositioned the tips better. It cost $50 to have them welded and I feel it looks alot cleaner.

Boy oh boy. Here is where the fun starts. The exhaust note is clean, and mellow. It is not obnoxious at idle or even above 3,000 RPMs. The note stays mellow and clean even at WOT. I think it is one of the best sounding exhaust I have ever heard. The sound is mellow enough that my neighbors wife even likes it. My neighbor is also going to get a Borla since it sounds so good. The inital drive after the weld (and ECU reset) was very nice. There is more power available at lower RPMs (still not enough though IMHO). Driving is nice and smooth, the power is there when you need it over 3,000 RPMs and WOT. This is all completely subjective, I have not dynoed the car at all either stock or not, so there is no qualification for this statement.

The clamp breaking, but that was my fault.

A good investment in a nice performance product. Easy DIY installation, but I would recommend having it welded after you DIY.

ProsNice sound, Good power, Nice looks (better than stock), Easy install
ConsSome may not like the sound
Would you recommend?yes
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