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I have used many Vibrant parts before for my exhaust setups and always dreamed of working with them on a project! With that being said, I am both excited and grateful to announce that I will be working with them to build a full custom stainless steel exhaust for my Accord V6. This will be the final exhaust setup for this build (I promise) and I have high hopes for it.

A quick breakdown of the exhaust components we will be using for this setup:
-Vibrant Ultra Quiet Resonator (3")
-Vibrant Large Bottle Style Resonator (3")
-3" Stainless Steel Tubing

I predict this setup will have less rasp, volume and might have a tone change because of the material change. I also will be going with the Ultra Quiet Resonator as the exit so the rear end will look a lot more shiny!

Make sure to check out the video and comment your thoughts :)! Big things coming to the channel and build so stay tuned~

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