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$155 shipped for front head.
$155 shipped for back head.
$140 shipped for lower runners including injectors and fuel rails.
$130 shipped for upper intake manifold.
$250 for block (Local Pickup )

I have about 4 motors here that i am trying to get rid of. All are good and have about 60k miles on them. So all parts listed above i have about 4 sets of everything. I am willing to part anything off of the engines.
Cams are missing out of all the engine.

No more throttle bodies are left.

Send paypal to [email protected] for anything you want. Make sure to list what you are ordering in paypal. Fed Ex Tracking numbers will be given within 48 hours of payment, as i need a day to take parts off depending on what is ordered.

Any and everything for sale.
Singe piston? Ask ;)
Random bolt? Ask ;)

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