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Before getting to the problem, a little background:
I own a 2004 V6-6Sp (Non-Navi) with Dual Climate Control Factory Stereo. I bought and installed a "USA Spec iPod® Interface for Honda" back in 2005 (if it makes a difference to model) under the CD-Changer setting.

I initially configure the Interface to work with the RCA>3.5mm cable but after a while the sound quality will go fade away (lower noise) and a buzzing/whinning noise from the left side speakers will develop and out of nowhere it will work fine, then again, and so forth. This will only happen when the interface was selected. The Radio/CD’s will play flawlessly with as perfect sound quality that you will get from a factory stereo/speakers. Thereafter, I bought Monster cable thinking it was the quality of the cable and well nothing change.

Finally last year, I found the iPod cable the interface came with and installed it after I realize I can control the iPod/iPhone with the steering wheel control. At this time, the issue with the buzzing sound “WAS” finally resolve, so I thought!
Well after a year of the interface working flawlessly, the issue came back :(

As in process of elimination to see if I can fix the issue, what should I be troubleshooting?
1.I have the interface store in an area that is not bolded down. Does the bolding work as grounding for the unit? Does the unit need to be grounded?
2.If the fuse on the interface the issue?
3.Could it be that the unit is one of the older models, and well simple, time to upgrade?
4.Anything else?

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