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I have a 9/10 condition 40D with approximately 25k on the shutter according to EOSInfo. Firmware 1.1.1 Babied this camera. Looking to sell or trade to upgrade to a 50D or 7D (+ cash obviously).

I will outline the imperfections:
2mm rub on lower left of rear by the playback button, a few light scrapes on the top LCD that doesn't affect viewing at all, and a few spots in the viewfinder (dust?) that I haven't tried to get rid of since they don't affect the images at all. If I got a blower I could probably get them out. Slight mark on the front near the lens mount area, not quite sure how that got there.

Besides those imperfections, this camera has performed flawlessly for me since upgrading from the XTi. This will come with the body only, and depending on what I trade for, up to 3 additional batteries and a BG-E2 grip. (pictured is a BG-E2N grip that I will be keeping if I do get a 50D).

$625 via paypal. Located in NYC.

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