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For more info on this camera...

What will you be getting...
  • Canon PowerShot S30 Digital Camera
  • Battery Pack NB-2L
  • Canon 16 mb Compact Flash Card
  • Canon CB-2LT Battery Charger
  • Canon Digital Camera Solutions CD
  • ArcSoft Camera Suite 1.1 CD
  • Wrist Strap
  • Canon PowerShot Leather Case
  • USB CF Card Reader
  • Blank Warranty Card
  • Manuals
  • Original Box
Here's a pic of what you're getting.

The camera is in mint condition, bought it new had it for a few years before I went to the Digital Rebel. This is a great camera for someone getting into digital photography. Great point & shoot w/ Canon image quality :)

Basically everything that I got when I bought it. I threw in the leather case that I purchased after and since I have no idea where the USB cable is, I threw in a USB CF card reader which is since you don't have to have the camera connected to download your images.

This camera will be great for taking pics of your ride. Here's an old pic of my Accord taken with the S30.

Price: Your best offer!
I know how much this is going for on eBay so don't lowball me, but at the same time I wanna give a V6P member a good deal.
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Not open for further replies.