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Got this off another forum.

Yes, it's this time of the year again. Those who have pm'd me about it here it is.

DATE: April 26

Location: George Mason University K lot (Lowered cars come in from BRADDOCK ROAD TO AVOID BUMPS)


4400 University Drive, Fairfax, Virginia 22033

Time: 10.00 AM- 10.30 AM ( Tight Schedule)

LAST TIME : WE HAD AT LEAST 25 cars going from MASON to UMD.

Note: Please bring $1 or 1 can of food that will be given when entering the meet.


1) Leave GMU at 11 AM and cruise to UMD, The drive is around 45min

2) I will make sure to get the address and hand them out in small cards to you,just case you get lost but I do encourage everyone to get their own directions.

3) Bring 2 way radios if you have anyone gets lost.

I will contact mason police and ask them if they are willing to assist us when leaving campus, just like last years so we can all stay together.

More info on the UMD MEET:

Last years caravan:

Stay at a safe distance from each other so we can avoid accidents. No burnouts, or any kind racing. Please act mature. During the cruise you will be responsible for your own actions.

Let's start making that list:
1) Ravenricer
2) Dorifto83
3) Techie
4) Newbsauce
6) Junon ( will be attending, even if his engine blows):D
7) red si 99 (who will hopefully not bail out this time)
8) RobzSRT04
9) DentedSupra1
10) Maverick524
11) team703 (if he doesn't get wasted)
12) supranite90
13) LBizBoy
14) NA_JDM

p.s you don't have to repeat the list, just say yes or no and I will add you.

Work hard, play later.
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I'm going to past and spend money on the teg so I can finish it and get it back on the road in May.

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if I make it in time. I roll out with you all. I will have the car back by then.
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