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Hello folks, now that my lovely gold coupe has been sold, I have some goodies priced to move. Never really got a chance to install these on my car, despite years of collecting parts. As far as sale threads go, you could say I was saving the best for last. If you are local, I'd enjoy helping to install these parts :)

Prices are OBO. Prices do not include shipping costs. Will give discounts for buying more than one item/package.

I've broken it down into several packages for sale. Do not want to split the packages themselves any further, but feel free to arrange that amongst yourselves:

Stage 1 ($400) INCLUDES:

Acura CL-S Throttle body,
CL-S Upper Intake manifold with top plate, side plenums, butterfly assy and actuator,
CL-S Lower Intake Manifold (left and right pair),
CL-S Fuel Pressure Regulator, and
2 sets of CL-S Fuel Injectors and CL-S Fuel Rails
MSD Ingnition brand RPM window switch (to control dual stage upper intake mani),
intake adapter (to adapt your j30a1 cold air or short ram intake to fit to the bigger CL-S throttle body),
plus 50 bucks worth of new oem bolts/hardware.

This kit NEEDS:
1 set of injectors will need to be cleaned, have not tested second set. Will also need 4 gaskets:
(gasket between upper manifold top plate and upper manifold itself, gasket between upper manifold and dual lower manifolds, one gasket per lower manifold where it bolts to the respective head)

Stage 2 - CL-S Cams (SOLD)

Stage 3-J35a4 Cylinder heads from 3.5L V6 03-04 Odyssey/Pilot. These are the biggest/best flowing cylinder heads that are direct bolt on to the j30a1 6th gen accord (or 1st gen acura CL) block. Cylinder heads will need to be redecked and valves resealed, but this is a highly recommended service on ANY used cylinder head. Will also need headgaskets obv. The lifters/rockers are currently uninstalled because I had them flowtested and that was how I know they need to be resealed. Great condition overall. good luck finding these for a better price. Expect to invest around $200 in making these ready for install. ($100)

Unichip - comes with all harnesses for direct plug and play. Is currently setup for Honda accord v6 coupe or sedan with intake, exhaust, headers, pulleys, and CL-S cams. Unichip can reprogram it for you for a small fee ($25 bucks plus shipping if i recall correctly). (mint!) ($140)

Please see my other thread (in sig) for black leather and tan leather parts, plus other things :)

Also have some other stock items (very good condition!) I don't believe I listed before:

Stock resonator from my 01 v6 coupe ($20)
Stock rear sway bar from my 01 v6 coupe ($20)
Stock cruise control unit 100% functional from my 01 v6 coupe ($40)

As always, more pictures and info available on request.

Thank you all :)

CL-S Strut tower bar
Neuspeed strut tower bar
CL-S Cams
NHBP Side mirrors
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