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Got here a Daisy Powerline 15xt air power bb gun. Delivers 15 rounds in seconds. Comes with, Copperhead premium bbs, 24 12g bottles of Co2, manuals, and the bb gun. This thing shoots freakin fast. Had fun shooting bottles and cans and some other stuff lol. This bb gun is pretty powerfull. Specs on this bb gun are,

Action-CO2 powered semi-automatic
Caliber-.177 (4.5mm) BB
Sights- Blade and ramp front fixed open rear
Capacity-15-shot magazine
Safety- Manual trigger block
Barel-smooth bore
Maximum Evlocity-480fps
Maximum shooting distance-240yds. (220 meters)
Overall Length-7.21 in

$55 shipped

18+ years old
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