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(I finally have 5 posts and can post this question in its own thread with a proper title - sorry for the repeat if you saw this elsewhere.)

I am considering buying a 1998 Accord V6 (the J30A1 engine). I did a compression test on it, and all cylinders were within a few psi of each other. The compression maxed out at about 205-207 psi. For most engines, I would say this is a high compression pressure, and would worry about carbon build-up. However, there is a good bit of variation between engine types of even the same quoted compression ratio due to differences in intake valve timing. If you look at the formulas for converting compression ratio to expected compression pressure, there is no single definitive conversion between the two.

So, what is the normal observed compression pressure for this engine (in psi) assuming it is in good condition? When I measured it, I was at about 300 feet altitude, on a warm day (about 80 degrees F), and the engine was warm. I assume someone has the answer in a shop manual (whether it be Honda's, Chiltons, Haynes, etc.). I just don't have a manual as I haven't actually bought the car yet.

It would be nice to have a thread which shows the expected compression pressure (translated to sea level) for all the Honda engines (assuming they are in good condition - near-new compression pressures). Compression ratio just isn't good enough to know what to expect as a measured pressure.
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