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Key Specifications/Special Features:

This Alarm Will Fit Any Kind Of Auto, SUV, Truck...Etc
The high tech-cutting edge technology
of the most advacned alarm security system
Automatic transmission only ( not for manual transmission)
Intelligent CAR Owner detection feature:
(as you approach your car with your remote, in 3-20m,
the alarm system will disarm and
unlock your car automatically without press the button)
Long-distance remote control in noble design (Over 2500 ft. paging alert distance range)
Adopts the original microchip slice imported from the USA
Intelligent design against robbing
Auto locking door, convenient to get on/off the car
( Multiple features such: Central door lock, Car finder, Panic alarm, Trunk opening,
Brighten urgent signal in urgency
New design for the
2-Way Communication+ Color LCD+REMOTE Engine Start
Low waste battery with extended life
Opening the baggage box by remote control
Examination car appearance, spread mutual
Adopting Keeloq jumps code technique to prevent illegal copy
Alarm when the door is not properly closed
Auto reply to alarm appearance
Wide monitoring range:
Transmission: 500 meters
Feedback: 1,000 meters
Two-way communication, color LCD panel
Small-sized remote control with power-saving design
2 LCD screen with illumination
Alarm with sound, vibration and icon flash by remote control
Ultrasonic or microwave sensor (optional)
Power window output
Dual-stage shock sensing reduces false alarm
Remote sensor bypass
Power interrupted memory
Emergency override
Valet mode
Remote trunk release
Automatic door lock/unlock
Driver paging
Car finder
Remote arming/disarming
Hands-free operation (auto arming/disarming)
Remote engine start
Silent arming
Auto rearming
Auto arming (selectable)
Closing door reminder when arming
Door open alert while driving (selectable)
Emergency alarm
Code learning
Driver paging function: When the alrm is armed, you can page the driver only by tapping the communication module(with paging sensor inside) 3 times, usually mounted on the front windshield, the paging medody sound will sound 6 times from your remote control and "CALL" indication icon will flash on the LCD screen with vibrating. ( you already have experienced in hot/cold parking lot that your driver is gone and you are waiting forever.....,no cell phone, don't have his/her phone#, you need this function)

Brand new in box CDN $230 OBO I am located in Vancouver BC

I will ship at buyer's expense

I do accept money order and PayPal verified user ( buyer please add 3% surcharge)

PM me if you are interested~! THX~ :D


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wait so this isn't a REAL compustar? i have an omega....but i want the auto unlock feature...does it also do auto start (when you walk up to the car it'll start)?

Formerly VTEC-v6!
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tokemon said:
no one wants compustar with auto starter???
Well is it compustar or is it a replica?

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i dont wanna ruin your sale bro, but i do wanna look out for those who are looking for an alarm because it would suck if they bought this and its not what they wanted.. but hmm i think its a replica and if it is its overpriced. that would be what 191 dollars in uS. dollars and i can PERSONALLY get this kit for 120-140. easily. so yea that auto starter option your talkin about i dont know if that one can do it, it does remote start but no option where it recognizes your remote, and if it did that is a bad idea because it would be dangerous if u were to lose your remote or if it got in the wrong hands and also it would drain your battery, cuz it would be constantly monitoring/searching for the remote. and that antennae looks as though it works on the AM band, which means it wont work 2500 ft. ONLY if your doing straight on like nothing in it's path, it will not work 2500ft. if you have houses or buildings and stuff. i have dealt with clifford alarms, viper and DEI products and some replica ones, now there are some good replica versions they actually use a lot of the same modules and same parts, and actually some of the replicas have better quality parts. i've seen some clifford products that were made in mexico... and the replica one i've seen uses all made in usa parts w/ a lifetime warranty etc... so what im saying is this doesnt look like a quality replica, but if it is, its overpriced....
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